Monday, October 24, 2011

Mama's Now the Trouble Maker....or Maybe, Always Was!

The Death of Me part 2: Or maybe of Mouse because I'm seriously thinking of skinning her and stuffing her like Trigger. I haven't decided if I'll kill her first but then, she could very well end up killing herself! For two mornings in a row, Mouse has been out in the newly sewn, unfenced pasture when we've gone out. Yesterday, I walked the fence and could find NO place where she came through. Like the fence on the "boy's" pasture before, this one has been without electricity for a while. I'd planned to run the weed-eater around the fence yesterday so that we could put a battery on it again but moving the round pen from the lower to the upper pasture ended up being a full afternoon and when we finished, it was time to feed both the horses and ourselves again as the sun was setting. I was so worried about her that I couldn't sleep. Not only is there the danger of being hit by a vehicle if she wanders too close to the rode or being shot by a hunter like my friend, Houston's horse but also there is a very real and more probable danger of her over eating on the new grass and over dosing on the high sugar that's especially prevalent in autumn. That could cause laminitis, colic and death. Five years ago, she spent several weeks at the U.T. Vet School Hospital for that very reason on another escapade from my number one Houdini. I don't want her sick (even though I'm mad enough to kill her at the moment) and I don't have the ten grand plus that it could cost to get her well just lying around the house at the moment....or anywhere near my bank account for that matter. So, I went out in my pj's this morning and drove across the field at 3:30AM to find Mouse sleeping peacefully. Steve left at 5:00 and I put on a movie to watch until daylight (sorry, I had someone break in the house while I was here early one morning and even though that was twenty years ago, I still have a fear of being alone in the mornings...I know, crazy!) The movie was good and held my attention and my eyes open until close to 7:00 when I must have dozed off. The next thing I know, it's nearly 9:00AM and I come leaping out of the bed and practically jump into my boots as I head out the door to check on Mouse who was......grazing in the front, unfenced field again....of course! Knowing that she would get the reward of food, she came galloping up to the road and headed for the gate when she saw me driving up the road. I guess I know what I'll be doing today and if she still manages to escape with the electricity back on, I've got a trick for her, no food on her return tomorrow morning. I'm beginning to think she might be doing all of this just for the treat at the end!!!!

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