Monday, May 30, 2011

Fly-by Danny Boy a Year Ago

Traveler's Sensational Flyby or as we will always call him, Danny, was born May 1, 2010. A year and a month have passed and today, he's taller than his mother. This video was filmed and the still shots taken on the day he arrived. He's just a few hours old here and I don't think Mousie can believe that he's truly hers. She looks at him with so much adoration and love that it still breaks my heart a little to watch this but it also makes that same heart sore with joy. It attests to how much I love these two horses that I'm willing to allow the world to hear my silly giggles but they were sincere and heartfelt giggles brought on by our fascination with this beautiful gift that Mouse had just given us. I said on that day, "Five years ago, when I first met her, I gave her my heart and today, she's returned the favor."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Twelve, short months...

We woke to a gray and drizzle day, nothing like that morning exactly 12 months ago when Danny entered this new world to golden morning sunlight and his mother's gentle nuzzle. I trudged across the field with my camera hoping to get some gorgeous birthday shots but neither the weather nor Danny were really in the mood for that. Danny was still sleepy and unsure of what all of the fuss was about. I'm certain that he'll perk up later today when Dad-Steve returns home with some birthday treats for him but until then, this is the best I have to offer on this momentous day, a sweet, sleepy, mud covered boy who needs a good brushing but is still shaping up nicely for a one year old.