Monday, January 31, 2011

Eight Months Already!

I'm going over to the pasture to work with Danny Boy a bit this afternoon. We are having such absolutely beautiful, totally untypical for January weather here in East Tennessee. It's been warm and gorgeous for two + days and that is supposed to last at least one more. Spotty showers but who cares; it's warm in January!! This is especially nice since our temps have been in the teens for several weeks. Suddenly, a light jacket and sweater feel like resort wear.

So it seems that my sweet Dan will have a lovely day to herald in his nineth month tomorrow. He will be exactly eight months old tomorrow morning and he looks like such a perfect little horse right now even if he is a bit shaggy and muddy. He just gets sweeter by the day much as he seems to grow each day. I'm planning on putting on his halter and doing a little ground work before I groom him and knock off a few layers of that grime.

He is still staying with the boys and I don't know if that's a good thing or not. They can be a bad influence at times. He was brave like his mama and not scared of anything before we started weaning him. Now, a month into his separation from Mouse, he's beginning to jump at his own shadow just like Django and becoming a bit more aggressive like Riley. Not that any of them are bad or spooky horses and their aggressiveness is just with each other and never with me.  Oh well, maybe it won't be much longer before we can turn him back out with Mouse and he can begin to mimic my brave girl instead of my chicken boys. As far as herd aggressiveness goes though, Mouse will always be the alpha and leader of the pack.