Thursday, October 6, 2011

Come on!

Danny seems determined to give me a heart attack. He's nearly scared me to death twice in under 24 hours! Last night, in his impatience to be fed, he uses his usual ploy of getting attention by propping his foot on the metal fence or gate. But this time, he puts his foot on the open V between the insulator and the post on the electric fence and his hoof falls down between them! I was feeding Mouse and Brandy and I look up the hill to see the other two boys scattering while Danny appears to be having some type of fit, kicking and rearing and often having all four feet off of the ground! I run up the hill as fast as my fat, out of shape body can carry me and I see what is wrong just as he calms down and manages to lift the foot out of the "trap." I checked him out and his leg was unharmed but the fence was a mess and I'm not so sure about my heart!

This morning I'm once again down the hill feeding the girls when I look up and see only the two geldings standing at the gate waiting for their food. I walk up the hill and then start to run when I see Danny laying virtually under their feet and still as can be. I'm yelling his name and he twitches an ear and his tail so I know he's not knocked out by a kick or rear from one of the bigger boys. I grab their hay and throw it across the fence which immediately gets Riley and Django's full attention but Danny just lies there, virtually motionless. I climb through the fence and I kneel beside him. I lift his head and his eye flutters open and he moans a bit. Then he closes his eyes and again and sounds like he's growling. I'm terrified by then and I start picking up his head and rubbing his legs and I'm getting little response other than an occasional eye flutter and moan. I'm ready to call the vet and Steve when I think to go get the feed bucket. I step through the fence and grab the food bucket and shake it. Danny popped up like a Jack-in-the-box!!

When I last saw him, he was munching on his hay with his partners in crime.

I'm very grateful that he's Ok but at the moment, I could ring his little neck......;-)

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