Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Death of Me

Here's an irony for you, I'm on the phone with Huston and I'm telling him about Danny's latest escapades and escapes. He said, "Well now, you shouldn't have to worry with the gate chained the electric fence on." I told him that the battery for the fence hadn't been charged for several weeks. He said that Danny has gotten nipped by it so often that he should respect it off or on. I told him that I thought he was right because Dan only pushes up against it when I'm there and I'm sure he was aware that I turned the fence off while I was feeding them so I wouldn't be shocked. The few times that he has gotten into it were right after I'd hooked it back up. I said that I hoped he never figured out how tall and long legged he's getting because I was sure there were spots that he could just step across if he wanted to.

Just then my phone buzzes alerting me that I've got another call. I didn't recognize the number so I ignored it and we kept talking for about fifteen or twenty minutes. I checked the phone and saw a new voice mail. It was a neighbor telling me that when she was passing my house, she saw one of my horses out and walking down the drive toward the house....and the main road!! I nearly had a heart attack....literally! My heart was pounding so hard by the time I pulled on my boots and ran out the door with the feed bucket that it felt like it would burst through my shirt any second. There he was, half way across the pasture. He was occasionally stopping to graze a bit by the side of the road but he mainly seemed intent on reaching the house. I drove over slowly so that I wouldn't spook him but it probably wouldn't have mattered because as soon as he spotted my truck he threw his tail and head up and came prancing down the road toward me. He greets me at my door after I stopped. I had Huston back on the phone telling him what had happened. He asks if I think I can catch him and I said it's not going to be a problem. I say, "Come on, Danny." and the naughty little stinker follows right at my elbow all the way up the drive to the gate.

I made the mistake then of putting him into the middle pasture which is next to Mouse. The two of them galloped up and down the fence and I was afraid that he'd soon figure out that fence had no electricity either and go right through it. I move the boys all to the top field and then, while I wait on Steve (who thankfully had just gotten home) to hook up a new battery, I walked the fence until I found where he'd pushed the fence down and stepped over. Finally, two hours after all of this began, everyone is in their proper places and the fence is fixed and on. Now I need to go dry off and put on some clean, dry clothes. Oh, I did mention that it's been pouring rain the entire time, didn't I?


  1. They do the darnest things:) I had a horse that would get out on a weekly basis and roam the countryside. It was horribly nerve wracking.

  2. I honestly don't know if I'm going to live through his "childhood." :)