Monday, October 31, 2011


I have to say something about my Django boy. Not only is he beautiful and sweet, he is evidently a very bright boy, too.....and I've found my new mounting block! I was standing on the wheel well of the trailer while I watched Danny inside when I heard a noise behind me. I turn around and there is Django, perfectly lined up and looking as if he's waiting for a ride. I ask him if that's his intention and he actually turns his head and points at his back several times and then stands there watching me to see if I get on. I didn't have the nerve to try riding without even a halter or I might have just tried him but I'm no Stacy Westfall....not by a long shot. I also haven't been on my horses in over a year because of my own fears. I'm more than a little ashamed to admit that but I've made up every excuse in the book and it still all boils down to fear. And it does seem that Django is tired of this nonsense. He's done everything he can possibly do to let me know that he wants me to ride him short of putting the saddle on himself and since he continually tries to put his head in the halters and bridles, I'm thinking he'd do that too if he could. He was bought as my horse, my riding partner and since he is obviously such a willing partner, it's time I got over myself and got back on my horse. I want them to trust me; I think it's time I trust them especially my Django.  It's taken me a while to admit that a lot of my fear of riding has to do with the horse I love so much and the fact that she is an unpredictable mare. Mouse is the best horse you'd want to ride, she's extraordinarily responsive with gaits as smooth as glass. She and I have a shorthand when we're long as she's not in heat. When Mouse comes in season, she is moody, stubborn and unpredictable. It's not that I can't identify with this because it does remind me a lot of my own behavior at certain times in years past but since I've been on the receiving end of her swinging moods, I've developed anxiety that is difficult to overcome. I thought I had beat it several years ago but the longer I stayed off of my horses, the harder and harder it became to get back on. What I need to realize though is that Django and Riley are not Mouse. Not only are they geldings but neither has ever given me a reason to think that they might misbehave, quite the opposite in fact. So, it might not be today but I promise that within the week, I will be on my horse again and then I don't plan to get back off......well, I will get off but the next day, I will be back in the saddle again. 

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