Friday, October 21, 2011

Danny and his brother Django. As you can see in these photos, his head isn't huge. The last shots I posted were taken with my phone's camera and it makes every thing look odd. You can also tell from these shots how big Dan is getting although I couldn't get him to raise his head up for a full body shot.

We've had a week of mishaps but fortunately, this time, none of them included Danny. We're moving the round pen to the upper pasture this weekend and I plan to start working with Danny on lead several times a day before I introduce him to the trailer again.

Our trip to Missouri has been postponed again because both Huston and we have conflicting schedules during November. But putting it off until the very end of November not only allows me to avoid an appointment with the dentist (:)) but also gives me more time to get Danny use to the trailer, loading and riding, before we make the long trip out to Missouri. I'll keep track of our training here and I also promise more photos before he leaves.

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