Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Months Old!

Isn't it amazing how much he's grown? Our vet, Melissa Hamilton, called last week and asked if she could stop by and see him. She was out of town when he was born so another vet had taken care of Danny and Mouse. This was her first opportunity to meet with our boy. She thought he was gorgeous and quite large for his age. She said that he looked more like a four month old than not quite two months. I've been telling everyone that you can practically see him growing. His color is changing, too. It is hard to tell by the light in these photos that were taken late this afternoon but he is a lovely golden brown now. I don't think he'll stay that color for long though. The places where he's rubbed the hair off or gotten his little boy scrapes and scratches are all growing back with silky black hair. The nose is gray so I'm thinking that he will be either gray or roan. I still have several months before I have to register him so I'm hoping that he settles on one color by then.
The second photo above is of Danny and his big brother, Django, talking through the fence. I'm waiting until Huston arrives in two weeks to let him decide if Danny is big enough to be turned out with the "herd." He loves to whinny at them and will touch noses and sniff of them whenever he gets the chance. I think they will get along fine and it will probably be good for him to have someone around who will make him behave. I don't know if Django will be a good influence though. He is the most mischievous horse and at eight years old, he shows no sign of change. We have to tie down the hose going into the water trough or Django will chase the other horses with it, spraying them with water. Many of his pranks have to do with the trough since he's constantly stealing the fish tank tools that I use to keep it clean and usually chases poor Riley with those, too. His latest trick really tops them all though. Last night "someone" picked up a bucket and put it in the middle of the trough. Now who do you think did that?

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