Saturday, July 10, 2010

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

We might have to start calling him Super Dan after he crashed through the electric fence a few days ago. I was just walking down the hillside through the other horses' day time pasture on my way to feed nightly rations to Danny and his mom. Danny was standing by the watering trough waiting on me and watching my progress with his food. Suddenly, he screamed and jumped straight up in the air. I can only assume that a bee stung him because I found no other injury that could account for that reaction. He took off at a full and very fast gallop. He made three rounds of the pasture at full speed only pausing to look at me and whiney pitifully every time he passed where I was still standing, dumbfounded by what was happening. Then he stopped and charged the fence. He managed to leap through, missing the top and bottom wire and breaking the center one with his chest. He ran up to stop beside me and whine; I suppose he thought I could fix whatever had hurt so badly that it caused all of this. I was more concerned about making certain that his attack of the fence hadn't done any harm but before I could examine him thoroughly he spotted the love of his life, Brandy on top of the hill and just as quickly realized that Steve still hadn't closed the gate to the upper pasture. He was off before I could turn and shout, "Shut the gate!" Steve, who already was in the process of doing just that, started running with the gate in hand and still just managed to get it shut as Danny arrived with a skidding, dusty stop. Steve was able to look him over better than I had as Danny ogled Brandy and she ignored him. He shouted back down to me that he could see no injury as I went to let the now frantic Mouse out into the pasture with her baby. Ahhh, the adventures of one said it was going to be easy. Especially when your little one is growing like Baby Huey and more powerful than a locomotive ;^)

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