Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hay Daze

We baled our teff hay yesterday. It wasn't the best first cutting. We only got a partial field and 198 bales. Not enough to get us through the Winter but there will hopefully be several more cuttings. The fun part was watching Danny get his first taste of fresh hay. At first he was more interested in the other horses who came over to the fence to get their share. And then he managed to stick his head into the small space between the fence and the round pen!  I was feeding Brandy when I saw him and I went running to rescue him. Turns out, he didn't need rescuing since he was reaching for the fish net that I use to clean out the water troughs. Before I could reach him, he'd managed to lift the net off of its hook, pull it back through the fence and then placed his little hoof on it and tore it to pieces with his teeth. Once it was destroyed, he lost interest. I pointed out to him that the bugs and leaves that it was suppose to be picking out of his water were now going straight through but he didn't seem to care. Oh well, another one bites the dust. I think I need to buy stock in aquarium fish nets!
The wagon filled up before we reached the small field and Steve asked if we could use my truck to load the bales from there. This small field is right across from Mouse's and Danny's pasture. Danny wasn't so impressed by what we were doing but Mouse was prancing around and neighing because she's had fresh hay before and the small sample I'd given to them earlier was already long gone. We broke open one bail and I took them a few flakes. Mouse started eating with relish and this time Danny followed suit. When I left them last night, both were eating as if it was the last food they'd ever get.

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