Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today's Lesson

I've been trying my best to introduce Danny to something new every day. Many days, life and its time restrictions get in the way and I end up just repeating what we do every day, back up, side step and walk on pressure and voice command. Danny is getting quite good at all but the walk forward. He's still a bit stubborn about that one which probably has more to do with my using a tug on his halter along with the pressure on his rump. Today, I decided to bring the clippers back out. I had rubbed them all over him when he was just two weeks old and he didn't mind them at all but that was before live buzzing things that bite appeared and began to plague his life. He wasn't so sure about the clippers especially when I touched them to those wild chin whiskers of his. He acted as if I shocked him. I know those whiskers are sensitive but I don't think clipping them actually hurts. We will continue to run the clippers each day until it is old hat for him to hear and feel them and then we'll have a go at those whiskers on his chinny, chin, chin.

One good purpose the clippers served today was running the two big "boys" out of the run-in so that poor, old Brandy could get in out of the sun. They have a tendency to get selfish and protective about everything even space and had totally blocked Brandy out. I started using the clipper to finish off her Winter coat that hadn't shed and I saw their reaction. So, it might be bad of me but I decided to walk into the run-in with the clippers running. I wasn't aggressive but then I didn't need to be. In a few seconds, Brandy was able to claim that coveted back of the run-in spot and the boys had that, "What just happened?" look on their faces.

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