Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Lesson and New Blog

Rain showers off and on all day today so it was almost dusk before I was able to get updated photos of Danny. I'm sure you will be shocked by how much he's grown. He is still such a sweet boy although also still mischievous. Today's new experience was fly spray. Everyone from Huston to Dale, our farrier, has assured me that Danny is old enough, at seven weeks today:), to handle the spray. I think too that Huston keeps telling me to spray him so that Danny will stop rubbing his hair off trying to get to the itch left by fly and tick bites. He has several bare spots and, if I do get him trained well enough to show this September at the MFT Celebration in Ava, Missouri (like Huston wants me to do...I think he mainly wants us to visit and certainly wants us to bring Mouse and Danny along;), he will need to be in pristine condition. It is so hard to keep a little boy of any species in pristine condition. He seems to constantly be into something new and usually stinky. Although the introduction of fly spray went well this afternoon, he's not so enthusiastically agreeable when it comes to baths. Of course, we haven't even attempted a full fledge bath yet...with soap and everything. No, the tiny baby steps we've taken, that are usually met with such protest and end with him running to Mama, are just the introduction of a dripping garden hose and a wet sponge. As Steve has pointed out numerous times...although he doesn't need to because my nose is working perfectly well...., Danny stinks. It doesn't help that he "marks" everything just like a dog and that means there are very few "pee free" areas for him to lie down. He even peed in his mama's food bowl....I mean, give me a break! So, I think the next lesson to be learned is definitely proper bathing and a halter and rope are going to be required.

Ok, one last note...I am aware that the last thing I need is another blog to keep up with but there are several people who have been telling me since I first got Mouse nearly six years ago now, that I need to write down all of the adventures and misadventures I've had as a first time horse owner at fifty. There have certainly been very few dull moments. So, I'm finally listening to them and I've started a new blog with Danny's name in the title over on It's not all about Danny for sure. In fact, I doubt he will even be mentioned until the last few posts/chapters but I hope that, if you decide to venture over there, that you enjoy reading it. Let me know what you think and have a great Father's Day weekend. My best wishes to all of the Dad's out there whether your babies have two legs or four:)
Not a great photo...if you look closely, you'll see the fence wire running through the middle of the image...but still a good example with the one above of Danny at seven weeks old! What looks like a sore on his shoulder is just a bare spot where he's rubbed the hair off.

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