Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Skipping Along

After following the advice of both Huston, the wisest horseman I know, and my friend, Fran Forester, who is an extremely experienced horse woman and breeder herself(she bred and raised the famous, Country Frank, the MFT World Grand Champion in 1999), I decided to cut out all of the rich sweet feed that my vet had us giving to both Mouse and Danny twice a day. Mouse was on a diet of five pounds of that overly rich and sticky stuff a day and it was showing on the girl's waistline. I think it was also showing in Danny's behavior because, since we not only cut back but switched to a low fat-low protein substitute, Danny is back to being the sweet, loveable little guy that we started with. I do realize that he is still a little stud and will show typical stallion behavior and aggression as he grows older. We are doing our best to train him now while he is young and hopefully eliminate or at least alleviate future problems but for now, he is just a typical little boy full of energy..... and good portions of spit and vinegar... sorry, my Southern roots are showing again;-)

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