Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two Weeks and Growing

It has been amazing watching Danny grow. By the second week, he was beginning to look like a little horse instead of a baby. He was not only taller but more muscular and he was much more active. Mouse had begun to give him more space by then and was no longer chasing after him when he'd take off on one of his wild runs. She actually seemed to be leaving him with the "grandparents" to watch whenever Steve or I were at the barn so that she could actually get a moment or two to graze in peace. The first week had been rough on her and she'd looked exhausted since she never left the baby's side but by the start of the second week, she was looking more like her old self. She would occasionally take Danny out for runs and he was keeping up with her quite well. I wondered if the runs weren't a way to exhaust him though so he would sleep and let her rest as well.

Although Steve and I quickly learned that we weren't suppose to horseplay with Danny, he found other ways to amuse himself. I'd gotten him a little exercise ball made for miniature horses. The handle was still too big for Danny's little mouth and try as he might, he could not get it to roll forward by kicking it like I did. He would try nudging it with his nose first, then he would try to kick it forward. When that didn't work, he'd paw it and it would roll backwards. That frustrated him so he'd end up just leaping on it. He is so much fun to watch.
My how we've grown....Danny at two weeks!

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