Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wild Hair Days

For those of you who have never experienced life with a foal, I will give you the same warning I was given four weeks ago: colts are drastically different from fillies. It isn't just the obvious differences between boys and girls; colts are far more aggressive. I will think that I have this aggressive behavior under control because for several days, Danny will be sweet, calm, attentive and obedient....and then he gets a "wild hair" as we say in the South. 

Wild hairs are basically an ingrown hair which, if you've ever had one, you know can be irritating and grating on your nerves until you pluck it out. Just so with someone getting an emotional "wild hair" They have to act on all of that pent up energy or they feel like they might explode. Young colts, like young boys, seem to get more than their fair share of these and then the energy and mischievousness just seems to burst from them. 

Today appears to be one of those days because Danny was determined to exert his presence on both Steve and me this morning. Heaven forbid that you ignore him when he's like this because then he demands attention. He nipped me more than once during our visit. And, even though I immediately corrected him each time by inserting my fingers in his mouth and pressing into his soft palette, it did not deter him from doing it again usually immediately after my correction as if to say, "There! That's what I think of you and your rules." He also kept pushing us if you could call it that. It was more like slinging himself against me with as much force as he could muster. Again, I pushed back with Steve behind me, saying, "Don't let him do that to you." Steve says this to mock me for always saying it to him, the "good parent" who lets Danny get by with far too much (because he wants him to like him the best.) When Danny gets that proverbial Southern wild hair though, there is no plucking it out. You just have to ride out the storm until the calm, sweet Danny returns and the demon child hides from view for a few days at least.

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