Saturday, May 29, 2010

And Time Marches On

So hard to believe that four weeks ago, we were just welcoming Danny into the world. He's grown so much and learned so much in one month. It makes me look forward to the future even more just to watch him develop into a young horse. I forgot to add earlier that Danny got his own food bowl last night and he thought that was something. He liked even more the handful of food that he didn't have to steal from Mom;-D

We did a pasture shuffle last night because the oats in Mouse's pasture had headed out and were too rich for my easy keeper girl. She's not very happy about being in the poorer middle pasture but she should be glad that she's not on the hot hillside pasture where I had to move other horses so that their usual pasture could be occupied by Mouse and Danny. No one was pleased with me this morning.

I'm surprised that Huston is still answering my calls. I had two long conversations with him yesterday, one to catch him up on Danny's latest antics and the other seeking mucho advise. I told him that I don't know what I'd do without him. He's been involved with horses for his entire 86 years and he is just a wealth of knowledge and "horse sense." I'm so grateful that he's willing to help us out or we would be so lost. It seems whatever problem or question I come up with, he has been there and done that a hundred times. Thank you, Huston!!

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