Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flying Horses

I need to get some good shots of Danny running. He certainly lives up to the name Huston gave him, Fly-by, because he literally appears to be flying at times. I'm amazed by both how fast he is and also how graceful on those overly long legs. Steve came home last night talking about seeing Danny running solo and making sweeping circles of the pasture like his mom loves to do. At thirteen, you'd expect Mouse to become laid back and slow but she still loves to let off steam occasionally. When she was eight months pregnant with Danny she was making her runs around the big pasture, hills and all, with Django, her first born son, by her side. The two of them would jump over the fallen logs and a large pipe/conduit that Steve is planning on using as a culvert for the road run off. Like Danny now, the two them did this for entertainment and the sheer enjoyment of it. Sometimes, Mouse takes Danny running like that. At first, she'd run slowly and let him run beside her. Now, she doesn't hold back at all and Danny really has to stretch out to try to keep pace with her. That has to be good for him and being the good mom that she is, I'm sure Mouse is aware of that. I will do my best to capture his youthful equine exuberance soon. The only problem is, it is very hard to capture on film because neither Mouse nor Danny move around much in the heat and humidity brought about by the high noon sun on these Southern Summer days. It always seems to be in the low light times, very early morning or very late afternoon, when my camera just refuses to cooperate and put in the effort needed for a good shot that the two of them take wing.

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