Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three and a Half Month Photos

Sorry that I missed the 3 month "b'day" although the photos with Huston were just a week short of that date. I'm blaming my photographic lethargy on the weather. The heat and humidity have been unbearable this Summer. No one is riding until this heat wave finally breaks. We put up hay this past week and it was so hot that the top of the hay was burning up while the underneath was being kept damp by the humidity despite several rakings to stir it up. We finally managed to get it baled but it is not as sweet as the Teff we put up in the Spring and the horses don't like it as well. Of course, "The Weather," is the number one subject of conversation of anyone who lives on a farm especially during hay season.
Dale Collis, our farrier, came early yesterday morning for Danny's second trim. The other horses were so well behaved....for once! Riley was an easy catch with the "hidden rope trick" that Huston showed me while he was visiting us a few weeks ago. He was a doll actually and I let Steve hold him and brush him while I captured the other four. None of them gave me a problem and when Django's turn for a trim rolled around, he was exceptionally well behaved...for Django, lol. Mouse was the doll she always is. She actually will lift her feet in anticipation of what Dale wants. Brandy was surprisingly the only trouble maker out of the big horses and she was just throwing her head around like she loves to do......but she can do a lot of damage with that head, lol. Then we came to Danny. He went into his halter easily and when Steve hooked the rope to the halter, Danny allowed him to lead him around the round pen like an old pro. Then we tied him to the fence and the fireworks ensued, haha. Not that bad actually. At first one side of him was up against the fence while Dale worked on the other. I couldn't get in a spot where I could hold him. When Dale moved to the opposite side though, I wrapped my arms around him and held on. The problem is, Danny is clever and quickly figured out that it was far more difficult for me to hold him if he leaned his shoulders toward Dale and then twisted his hips toward me. We did manage though and by the time the last hoof was done, Danny was standing there calmly and actually patiently. Dale and I both were wet with sweat and it wasn't even 9:00 a.m.! Steve of course kept giving me instructions while he casually held the rope. I was silent until finally I told him that I wanted to trade places. I think it was good for him to experience what it's like to attempt to hold 300 pounds of squirming baby. haha

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