Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Memories

It's so hard to imagine now that Danny was ever this small. That May Day is now just a sweet and cherished memory. It still touches my heart to watch the video of Danny's first day and to see the tender, loving way that Mousie would look at him, constantly checking him out from front hoof to back in the same way human mothers count every finger and toe. I told someone just yesterday, that she still looks at him that way....when he's asleep. Our farrier, Dale Collis, said during last week's visit that Danny was in his teenage stage now. I guess that means that he is occasionally stubborn and disagreeable as well as more than a little rambunctious but despite the fact that he can be a demon at times, he is also still so very, very sweet. Mouse might not always agree with me about that. Danny seems to think that I belong to him and that my sole purpose in life is serving the Dan Man. Last night, I was trying to give Mama some attention. It's been so long since I've been able to spend some one on one time with Mouse and pamper her. I'd tried brushing her earlier in the day but Danny had pushed between us and indicated that his back needed scratching. I thought that last night, Steve could keep Danny occupied while I groomed Mouse. So Steve started brushing Danny and I brushed Mousie which she thoroughly enjoyed. Neither horse was tied up or haltered. Usually, they don't have to be when the brushes come out. It might have been nice to have them tied last night though because Danny kept edging away from Steve and closer and closer to his mom and me. He eventually was right next to us and constantly trying to get my attention. Finally, he shoved his way between us and started leaping up and biting Mom's neck and withers. This was not an attempt to groom her but rather to drive her away and he accomplished his goal. With one last look back at me and the much loved brush, Mousie walked back out into the pasture. And Danny came back in and took her place in front of me, pointing with his nose to an itchy spot just like his mom does. I don't know if I should allow him to get by with this or not. He's getting far too use to getting his own way. I'm thinking of giving another try to turning them out with the other horses. I'm hoping that maybe the other boys will make Danny walk the line a bit more....but I doubt it.

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