Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Heat and Sunny Smiles

Sorry that I've been so silent for the past few weeks. I haven't even gotten Danny's three month old photos taken yet and he's already half way to four. I need to try and do that so that you all can see how much he is growing and how much he has changed. Most of the baby hair is gone now and he is looking so handsome. Photos and lessons and just about all outdoor activities have been kept at a minimum for the last few weeks though because of this extreme heat wave we are experiencing in the Southeast. Last Thursday the heat index was at 98 degrees before daybreak. This morning, it is ONLY at 87....I guess we should be grateful for that. We just finished putting up our latest cutting of hay yesterday in this heat. I had the easy job of driving the tractor and sitting in an air conditioned cab. Poor Steve didn't fare so well since he was on the wagon behind the tractor and baler, stacking the heavy bales. We've had a terrible problem getting our hay to dry. The humidity is keeping it damp underneath while the hot sun bakes the top. It's always something. As for Danny, he's missing the attention that he was getting. He doesn't want me to leave when I do go over every morning and evening to make certain they have hay and water. Even Mouse seems to feel I haven't been giving them enough attention because she was wanting some time with me and the brush yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I only have two arms because Danny was wanting attention at the same time. Of course, my spoilt rotten baby ALWAYS wants attention, lol. The few times I have worked with him over the last two weeks, he's done really well on the rope both leading and tying. He is still impatient while standing tied to the fence but he doesn't throw a fit. Tapping him on the nose with the crop every time he bites the rope is breaking that habit. I don't hurt him but it does get the point across. Most days,  we don't do lessons although I know we should. I usually try to spend some time brushing Danny and one day, I found him sound asleep so I sat down beside him. He woke a bit and reached his legs out to me like a puppy and then laid his head back down and went back to sleep. Mouse looked at me and then looked at him with that say, "he's so sweet," look that she use to give him when he was first born. I usually only see that look now when he is sleeping ;)
Danny's heart "tattoo" :))

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