Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Shadow?

Besides realizing that his mom has me trained, I had another realization yesterday about my horses and this one was about Danny. Steve is always calling him Swaggerty because of how he walks. I've said time and again that the little demon child doesn't think of us as humans but sometimes I wonder if it's that he doesn't think of himself as a horse. I was walking them all to the round pen yesterday where I feed them (so that I can get them use to coming in to eat and this will not only make it easier once we finally get the barn built but also to catch them for riding and working.) and I realized that I walk with this swinging arm, almost little girl bounce sometimes. It's bad enough that a grown woman walks that way but I really think Danny is mimicking me! It seemed that was what he was doing as he followed right behind me like he always does. If he is mimicking me, it would explain all of his stumbling and falls.

Don't think that he has some neurological problem that causes him to fall down. No, it is 100 percent clumsiness. It always happens when he's playing with one of those balls and he tries to kick it like I do. He doesn't understand that his feet just don't work like that and he ends up on the ground most of the time. Steve keeps telling me that I need to start thinking and acting like a horse if I expect Danny to.

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