Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Blustery Day


Brandy looking darn good for 31!


Beautiful Mouse


Today has been miserable in the weather department, wind chills down to the single digits before the day was done, spitting snow all day long, gloom and what surely felt like a little doom blasting in from the West on what felt like gale force winds whether they actually were or not. Poor Steve worked out in the cold all day long on my arena...which is shaping up very nicely! I was complaining after twenty minutes of shooting photos in the horse pasture. I put on just my riding gloves because I thought that they would offer my hands enough protection but still allow me enough dexterity to handle the camera. The fact that after about fifteen minutes, I could no longer feel my fingers will account for some of the shakiness and odd composition (note the cut off heads in one) of these photos but I wanted to share them anyway. Note that Riley and Danny are just playing in the ones that look a lot like the Thrilla in Manila. Also note how big my nineteen month old Danny is; he's not a baby any more.

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