Saturday, April 16, 2011


A few weeks ago, we had a very busy but very enjoyable weekend. First my little nephew, Randy, finally got to come by and see my horses. We'd been to an Introduction to Horses at Brandy McDonnell's farm, Blue Point and Randy, who is horse crazy, had a fantastic time. His mom had driven so when she was dropping me off at my house, I asked if they wanted to go see the horses. This was Danny's first experience with a "little" human and I wish I'd had my camera with me because the curiosity was so evident.

He was still curious the next day when our friends Rhonda and Alex DelCarmen brought their youngest daughter, Adison, by to see the horses. I'd planned to just have Django haltered and standing there for her to pet and brush and get acquainted with since Django is the friendliest of my big horses. He loves people and adores attention but then so unfortunately, does Danny. I finally had to halter Danny just so I could lead him away. At first, I would just say food and he would run like a puppy to his bowl and lift it up to me so I could fill it. But eventually, when he started jealously biting the attention getting Django on the rump, I decided that maybe I'd better get him under control.

He is a smart little guy but I'm not certain that he understood everything I said to him when he started getting rambunctious and impatient after I'd haltered him. I whispered in his ear, "I don't care if we do have company DO NOT think that I won't put a knot on your little head if you don't start behaving!" True, that is a lot for any baby to understand much less a little horse baby for whom "human" is a second language. No, I doubt that he understood what I was saying but how I said it must have gotten the message across because Danny was a polite young man for the rest of the visit.
Adison and Django getting acquainted

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