Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sally's Poppy Seed Dressing Cole Slaw

Danny continues to grow and it continues to rain so there still are no current photos or video to post. I do promise that by or before his birthday on May 1st, I will scrub and brush off the mud, trim the winter coat that still holds on tight in odd spots and pretty up this already pretty least he is always pretty to me even with a thick coat of mud and muck.

Since, there isn't any Danny news or photos, I thought I'd use the opportunity and space to post a recipe that's been requested many times over the years. Maybe I shouldn't give my secret away but since I got it from someone else, I figure that sharing again is the least I can do with this delicious, easy recipe that always receives rave reviews from hay crews, family and friends.

This recipe comes from Sally sister and business partner of Nancy Gould who owned the Gallery Americana in Huston (sadly, no longer exists). Their gallery was in an old house that had been a restaurant in a previous incarnation. All of the ladies who worked there, most family, cooked and each day, they had wonderful, delicious lunches. Occasionally, a confused businessman would wander in off of the street asking where the restaurant had gone. They never turned them away but invited them in for a lunch that was probably more memorable than what they'd gotten at the actual restaurant. I've often wondered if the business men weren't like the little boys who use to feed their lunches to my dad's dog (a well known thief of bagged lunches and women's lingerie) so that he would buy their lunch. I'm sure that word got around in the Huston business district that there were some generous ladies who were not only good cooks but very gracious and easy on the eyes southern belles who would take in stray business men and give them a free and delicious lunch, lol.

Put in Blender:

1/3 cup vinegar (although the original recipe does not specify, I only use Nakano Roasted Garlic Seasoned Rice Vinegar)
1 tsp. mustard (Steve loves mustard so we have many varieties on hand. I've used them all and can never really tell much difference.)
1/3 onion
1/2 cup sugar 
1 tsp. salt
1 cup salad oil 

Blend until smooth then add a rounded teaspoon of poppy seeds and pulse until well mixed.

The recipe calls for one package of prepackaged cole slaw but that is way too wet for me and I usually use two packs of slaw.
Also, this recipe seems to turn out well even when I guess at amounts.....I never measure the mustard or salt and the onion sizes are widely varied. But I have found that even though people seemed to love it before, they love it even more since I started using the Nakano Vinegar....know that we love it more anyway:)

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