Monday, September 13, 2010

I have to get some new photos taken but I just had to do a bit of bragging on my boy. It's been almost a month if not longer since I've had a halter on Danny much less a lead. It was partially laziness on my part and the fact that he's already outgrown three halters and now seems to be somewhere in between weanling and yearling. The weanling halter could no longer be forced on and the yearling hung much too loosely. Finally, this past Sunday morning, Steve punched some extra holes in the yearling halter and we took it to the pasture with us. Danny saw me and he whinnied and came running down to the fence to greet me. After we had our little love fest, I pulled out the halter and held it up for him. At first he was hesitant but only for a second and then he put his head right in and let us adjust it. I hook the rope to the halter and expected a small battle but he was perfectly behaved. We turned to both sides, walked forward and even backed on cue. He was a doll!

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