Thursday, September 9, 2010

Growing, Growing, Gone

He's four months and exactly one week old in this photo that I took yesterday afternoon. He's not gone yet but he is growing up so fast. Mouse not only looks worn out, she also looks worried. I think she realizes that I'll be taking him away from her soon. Of course he is pulling away from both of us. I still occasionally get the excited whiny when he sees me and then he comes running up for a "Sande hug" which has moved from his middle to his neck since he's gotten so big. He is out with the big boys now and that is where he stays most of the time. He and his big brother, Django, seem to be best buddies. Riley tolerates him and has the scars to prove it. I turned them out together on the 20th of August and at first their was a bit of protest from the two geldings. Mouse set them straight fast enough and when I saw the bite marks start showing up on Riley's sides over the next few days, I assumed that Mouse was the culprit. She wasn't. Danny is just like a bratty little brother, constantly picking at the big guys and irritating them but even their corrections are gentle. All of their beautiful manes are starting to look scraggly. I saw Danny actually grab hold of Riley's beautiful copper tresses with his mouth and then go completely limp so that he was just hanging from Riley's side....bratty kid. I think maybe he carried it a little too far a few days ago because Danny now has a nice sized bitemark on his shoulder which he most likely earned. Some photos of the excitement:

Riley takes chase as Brandy looks on.

Mama Mouse to the rescue

and it's all over but the shoutin' ;-)

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