Thursday, April 3, 2014

Face Plant

On March 24th: Danny just gave us a scare. He got out of the pasture last night and was in the roadside hay field which is scary enough. I hurt my back yesterday trying to lift a heavy shelf into a shopping buggy and then into my truck. Started having spasms last night and couldn't sleep. Back is a lot better this morning but Steve told me that I looked so exhausted from being up most of the night that he'd feed the horses for me. I'd just laid down when he came rushing in the door in a panic. He said I needed to come check Danny out. It seems that the apparent dangers of foundering, developing colic or getting hit by a car weren't enough for Danny. No, my clumsy boy comes galloping across the open field when he sees my truck, hits the mud in the plowed garden and face plants. Steve said that he hit so hard and then flipped over and he was certain he was dead or had broken his neck. I checked him out and could see no obvious injury or swelling. We will keep an eye on him. I think he's probably just sore. He indicated that his jaw hurt. I'm not surprised. Steve had said he wasn't eating but he did a pretty good job when he discovered The food Brandy left. I'd say he just filled up on green grass from being out heaven knows how long and doesn't want hay. I think he's going to be fine. I'd like to think he learned a life lesson but I doubt it. I love him so but what a putz! 
The imprint he made. I think it looks like a cave drawing of a horse.
You can see the arch of his neck and front legs really well.

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