Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Horse of a Different Color

We are so very wet and muddy here in East Tenn. It's been almost non-stop rain for the last two days and it isn't due to stop until Thursday! The horses are doing a much better job maneuvering through all of this mess than I am but that doesn't keep worry wart me from getting anxious every time I see them cavorting in the slick mud. They gallop and leap into the air (something that I know Mouse has taught them to do because it is her favorite move, haha), they kick out and twist their bodies around in mid-air. They are having a wonderful time while I hold my breath expecting one of them to wreck and go sliding across the hillside. So far, no equine face plants but there evidently has been a lot of intentional rolling about in the mud because I now have five brown horses. Mouse, the gray horse, is incognito. ;-)

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