Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Queen Bows to the Prince

I thought I might actually take my camera with me this morning but I also planned on working with Riley and hauling water for the trough but none of that happened because of the strong storms that started near dawn and lasted until nearly ten. I waited until they were over to finally go take care of the horses. I'm just getting back from that task and I'm happy to report that everyone is doing fine. The storms had them a little more energized than usual causing me to take extra precautions before going out amongst 'em but a bit of well placed sweet feed remedied that. ;-) .......I mentioned a few posts ago how Mouse is so gentle with Danny. Danny of course was the first one to stick his head into the decoy feed bucket this morning. Mouse would have been biting and kicking and otherwise establishing her authority if it had been one of the other boys and they knew this, too because they both kept their distance. But with Danny, she seemed perplexed and unsure how to get his head gently out of the bucket and away from the food that he was attacking ferociously. She kept putting her head under his neck and lifting up but she just couldn't manage to get her own head into the bucket quickly enough to replace his, haha.

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