Monday, January 23, 2012

They Might Be Giants

Not the greatest photo but it does illustrate how much Danny has grown. He's just one month past his year and a half mark and he's already taller than his "big" brother, Django.

I measured his lower leg shortly after he was born and it measured 16 inches and 1/4. Even my vet told me that this is an accurate predictor of how tall the foal will eventually be. So, if that is true, Dan is going to be taller than both his mama, Mouse (not difficult since little Mouse is only 14.1) and his sire who is 15.1 because that measurement would indicate that he'll end up at 16.1. I wonder if Riley is beginning to realize this because he not only doesn't pick on Dan as much now but he's also starting to "buddy" up with him.

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