Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sad News

My dear friend, Huston Jenkins, had a stroke the day after Thanksgiving. Huston has meant so much to me over the last seven years since that day I first met him when he sold me a wonderful, gray horse named Mouse. He bred,raised, and trained three of my five horses. In fact, he arranged the breeding of Mouse which produced Danny in 2010.
Huston and Danny meet for the first time. July 2010.

He was planning on starting Danny. We were supposed to take Danny to him in September for him to begin ground work and Danny was going to spend the Winter with him. We'd even talked about Huston showing Danny in the Spring before we brought him home. Things kept happening to delay our trip and Huston has had other health issues this Fall. My hope is now that Huston will soon show improvement from the effects of the stroke and that by next Spring, we will be able to take Danny out to Missouri for a visit. I know that Huston would enjoy that and I'm hoping that it is a dream that we can fulfill soon.

Until then, I'm going to start working with him with the guidance of my good friend and an extraordinary trainer, Brandy McDonnell of Blue Point Stables in Kingston, Tennessee. Brandy is going to teach me how to work on the ground with driving lines just like Huston would have done if he had gotten the opportunity to start Danny for us. I hope that, by Spring, Huston will be ready for visitors and that Danny's and my own progress will make him proud. We will see, this is a huge step for me but I trust Brandy and she says that I can do it. With her help, I have greater faith in my own abilities and I promise to chronicle our progress here. So keep an eye on us and please say a prayer for Huston. I miss my friend and I want him back. The blessings I've gotten from his friendship are immeasurable and I'm not ready to give him up or give up on him.

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