Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wow! Seven Months have Come and Gone

And now it is almost seven and a half months since we welcomed Danny into our lives. It's so hard to believe. The time has passed so quickly and that tiny little foal has turned into a beautiful young horse. I know that I'm very biased but he is so gorgeous and so sweet. The weather has been unusually cold for East Tennessee over the past few weeks so I haven't been working with him as much as I should have been. Yesterday, it was a wonderfully warm forty degrees....comparatively.....and I decided to take an hour midday and play with Danny for a while. He ran across the pasture, walked up to me and went into his halter relatively easily but then he threw a little protest. It wasn't until I got him calmed down and tied to the big post that I realized that, in the two weeks since he last wore it, the weanling halter has gotten very small....must have shrunk. It was extremely short and tight. I loosened it as much as possible and Danny was a lot happier. He stood there patiently while I groomed him and then Steve came up to help. Danny didn't fuss at all and no pawing. When I removed the halter he actually stood there for a few moments before calmly turning and WALKING away instead of bolting like he usually does. Jealous Django was waiting in the wings. When Danny walked off, Django quickly stepped into his place so that he could receive the attention that he knows he deserves.

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