Sunday, October 31, 2010

6 Months Old!!

Can you believe it? I'm not sure that I can. I've been looking through all of the photos I've taken of him over these many (or few months) and it is amazing to see how much he's grown. He's always been uniquely Danny though even from the very beginning of his young life. I'm pretty certain that he was born with that personality and what a personality he has! Here are a few shots that I took of him yesterday morning, two days short of his 6 month "b'day." It was difficult to get a good shot of him for two reasons, he was always in motion and there wasn't enough light to stop said movement in a photo and most of his time was spent bothering me, pulling on me, my tripod, or my camera strap or sticking his nose in front of the lens just as I pushed the shutter button. Steve was nice enough to come over and try to occupy him while I took photos of Mouse (I'll include a few of those shots,too) but he got a phone call and can see what happened. Big brothers finally solved the problem when they started playing and it got a bit rough for Danny. He decided that the safest spot was by Mama's side.
Hopefully we'll be taking Mouse to Val's sometime this week so that we can wean Danny. Steve has been working on the fencing and enclosing a stall so that we will be ready to contain Danny so that he doesn't try to follow Mom to Sweetwater. 
Despite the Danny these photos seem to show, Danny is really a sweet boy. He just "occasionally" gets one of those wild hairs.

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